Kourtney Jossy

Kourtney is the primary creator for the A Nature Unknown series. After several years of digital painting she was looking to return to her traditional painting roots. In the fall of 2017 she begun a series of pieces taking inspiration from her Northwest childhood and love of nature which would later become the start of the A Nature Unknown series.

Richard Jossy

Richard is the co-creator of the A Nature Unknown series. You’ll see a few of his landscape and “tree pieces” at shows from time to time. He is the mastermind behind the A Nature Unknown brand and enjoys collaborating with his wife Kourtney on new ways to present the series. He spends most of his time as a board game illustrator but hopes to start creating more artwork of his own for the series in the coming year.

Jossy Family Photo.jpg

Contact Kourtney and Richard

Email: rkjossy@dualbrushstudios.com